Artwork: Dragon Bodysuit

Here's a throwback to Asian tattooing styles. The drawing on the right was the initial graphite drawing on vellum; the girl was drawn separately. They were then scanned, cleaned up, collaged, and digitally colored in Photoshop.

I haven't designed tattoos in a while, so this image has been clawing its way through my head till now. I owe so much to tattooing--as an illustrator (picking up different visual styles) and as a designer (logo work and lettering). It's also made me realize that everything has potential and can be a source of inspiration. With such a rich history  (dating back to paleolithic ages), it's great to see that tattooing is rising past being a mere fad. The inspiration for my artwork "Dragon Bodysuit" is the Irezumi or Japanese tattoo, and the artist and master tattooist.